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Come to us first for a second opinion

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When it comes to medical or dental issues, more often than not people will ask, did you get a second opinion? Especially when it comes to high-priced dental procedures that require out-of-pocket payment. Getting a second opinion from another dentist can provide you with peace of mind. But instead of investing the time to see another dentist in person, Dentistry.One makes it much easier. Simply send in x-rays or any relevant medical records, then schedule a virtual visit to talk to a dentist about next steps. Getting a second opinion has never been easier.


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What makes Dentistry.One different?

What makes Dentistry.One virtual-first dental care different?

Anytime, anywhere dental care

Nationwide network of top-notch dentists

Care Advisors with oral hygiene expertise

Personalized care coordination

Connecting dental and medical care

Are you an organization focused on patient health?

Dentistry.One virtual-first dental care helps businesses attract and retain members, employees, and patients with unprecedented access to virtual-first dental care on their own time from their own chosen place. It also helps lower the cost of care through efficiency and an emphasis on prevention.

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