Dental Plans:
Differentiate Your Offering

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Dental Plans:
Differentiate Your Offering

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Balancing client and member expectations while achieving your financial goals can be challenging in today’s competitive marketplace. A virtual-first dental care solution can differentiate your dental plan with a benefit that leads to healthier members and a lower overall cost of care.

Dentistry.One was built with proprietary technology-driven innovation meticulously designed to help commercial dental plans:

Attract and
retain members

With a comprehensive, convenient, and compliant virtual dental care solution that meets consumer expectations with services ranging from emergency care to anytime, anywhere consultations for general dental concerns.

Reduce the
cost of care

By capturing savings beyond dental with easy access to virtual dental care that encourages wellness and prevention, and leads to improved outcomes for high-risk patients with chronic health conditions.

Increase cost-efficient healthcare

By reducing in-office and emergency department visits with early intervention virtual care and e-prescribing when indicated.

Enhance client and member satisfaction

With a virtual dental care option that helps members prioritize their oral health and demonstrates your understanding of what differentiates organizations in today’s competitive marketplace.

Optimize data-driven member engagement

Providing targeted omnichannel education campaigns to increase member engagement and enhance the member experience, while reducing the cost of care and addressing plan-specific needs.

Proper periodontal treatment can reduce healthcare costs by an average of


for the 27 million individuals with diabetes and 20 million individuals with heart disease. A virtual-first dental care benefit can help close the gap between good oral health and overall health.
Source: Cigna 2016

Medical costs associated with heart disease are projected to surpass

$818 Billion

by 2030 and diabetes is estimated to cost employers $26.9 billion in reduced productivity and $3.3 billion in absenteeism. A virtual-first dental care benefit helps prioritize oral health and drive better overall health outcomes.
Source: CDC Foundation 2015 / Premise Health 2021

Adult workers account for more than


of individuals with diabetes and heart disease. Employers have a unique opportunity to promote wellness and reduce healthcare costs by offering a virtual-first dental care benefit that can help improve overall health.
Source: ResearchGate 2023

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What makes Dentistry.One different?

What makes Dentistry.One virtual-first dental care different?

Anytime, anywhere dental care

Nationwide network of top-notch dentists

Care Advisors with oral hygiene expertise

Personalized care coordination

Connecting dental and medical care

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