Get a dental consult through pictures

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Get a dental consult through pictures

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While the dental visit is virtual, sending photos of your area of concern is a great way to help the dentist analyze and diagnose the problem. Once the dentist assesses the situation, an Oral Health Report will be written up with a diagnosis as well as suggested next steps. And of course, our Care Advisors are available to help you navigate next steps in your oral health journey.


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What makes Dentistry.One different?

What makes Dentistry.One virtual-first dental care different?

Anytime, anywhere dental care

Nationwide network of top-notch dentists

Care Advisors with oral hygiene expertise

Personalized care coordination

Connecting dental and medical care

Are you an organization focused on patient health?

Dentistry.One virtual-first dental care helps businesses attract and retain members, employees, and patients with unprecedented access to virtual-first dental care on their own time from their own chosen place. It also helps lower the cost of care through efficiency and an emphasis on prevention.

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