We’re Changing the Way People Think about Dentistry

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We’re Changing the Way
People Think about Dentistry

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Revolutionizing Dental Care through Innovation and Technology

The introduction of Dentistry.One by MouthWatch is the culmination of years of experience and dedication to finding the best solutions for increasing access to care and reflects our unwavering commitment to serving as the digital bridge between systemic health and oral health.

Through the effective application of telehealth for dental care, Dentistry.One aims to extend care to the greatest number of individuals, including the more than 60% of Americans who do not see a dentist each year.

Our Vision

Is to eliminate all barriers to accessing dental care and to reveal the improved health outcomes and cost savings that a healthy mouth brings to the entire body.

Our Mission

Is to provide anxiety-free online dental consultations for patients and healthcare consumers, regardless of their location, insurance coverage, or language, with the goal of accelerating their oral health.

Our promise

Is to serve as a trusted resource for oral healthcare and continuous support throughout the patient care journey.

Offer a digital pathway to bridge a patient’s oral health with their overall health.

Establish a reliable network for information, education, and consultation on maintaining oral health between dental visits.

Years of Experience Behind a New Virtual Care Network.

MouthWatch has been committed to connecting patients to care through innovation for over ten years. Our teledentistry solutions and quality imaging hardware are found in dental and medical settings around the world to help make dental care approachable and convenient for millions of patients. MouthWatch continues to support the dental community through education, grants, and support of programs across the spectrum of care where innovation can find a path to transform care. Now, with Dentistry.One, MouthWatch aims to further transform care and bring the highest level of support and service to patients and programs that will deliver improved oral health to patients everywhere.


Leading Innovation in technology to support dental care.


Practices Nationwide across dental settings of all kinds.


Leading DSOs utilize our products and software.


Dental Schools implement MouthWatch solutions.


Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private company

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