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Join the virtual dental care team removing barriers to dentistry—for patients and providers.

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A dentist using online platform to give patient consultation.

Years of experience behind a new virtual care network.

MouthWatch, trusted by over 40,000 dental practices, is launching Dentistry.One to provide a virtual dental care solution that works for both patients and dental professionals.

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See more patients. In less time. Anywhere.

Use the Dentistry.One platform to efficiently provide your clinical expertise through live video consults and asynchronous consultations, anywhere. On a schedule you set.


Why join Dentistry.One?

Learn about all the benefits waiting for you when you join Dentistry.One.

Work/Life Balance


A Robust Dentistry.One Care Team


More Income


Control Your Schedule


Professional Education


Increased Patient Appointment Shows


Advance Your Career


Enhance Your Skills


Maximize Your License


MouthWatch in numbers

Dentistry.One is a virtual care network created by MouthWatch, a leader in dental imaging and teledentistry.

10+ years

Leading Innovation

in technology to support the dental industry.


Practices Nationwide

across private practice, group practices, public health, medical, and universities.


Our virtual care network

Join to help build the future of excellence in oral health

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A Virtual-First Platform

Custom-built telehealth technology exclusively for Dentistry.One providers offers the best virtual experience for patients and providers.

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Provider Excellence

We provide education and support. You can attain additional skills, earn Dentistry.One specialty certificates and see how Dentistry.One supports you as a professional.

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Care Coordination

Care coordinators support patients and escort them through their care journey so you can focus on doing good dentistry, knowing your patients are cared for.


Join the team.
Do good dentistry.

Maximize the value of your license, reach patients across settings you would not otherwise, while creating more opportunities for work-life balance.

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What appointments can you conduct virtually?

Second opinions

Offer your expertise

Post-op follow-up

Simple, convenient, virtual

Evaluation and triage

Conduct time sensitive evaluations and triage from anywhere

Ortho and cosmetic assessments

Quickly make expert assessments

Patient compliance and home care

Assist patients in easy online appointments

Prevention and treatment plan review

Review treatment plans in real time


A network of dental pioneers.

Dental experts from across the country provide patients great oral health


“I am excited for what Dentistry.One offers to dentists and patients. It gives dentists flexibility in their schedule to work from anywhere—while providing outstanding dental care, and connection to treatment, to patients increasingly looking for virtual care options.”

Dr. Paul Labbe

CEO, Planet Dental


Frequently asked questions

We’re always happy to answer your questions. Schedule a meeting and let’s talk!

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple. Click the “Join Now” button, fill out the simple application form and our Provider Relations Team will contact you.

How do providers get paid?

As a Dentistry.One provider, you will be contracted with Dentistry.One and receive payment for your services as outlined in the contract. You will be paid regularly based upon the number of services performed.

Do I control my schedule?

The short answer is yes. We will work with you to establish a schedule that works for you and enhances our ability to provide 24/7 access to care. In some cases, it may be synchronous consultations and in others, asynchronous.

Can I provide consultations with patients in multiple states?

Dentistry.One providers can provide consultations and evaluations within the states they are licensed. If they are licensed in multiple states, they will be able to provide consultations to patients in those states as well.

Will I be writing prescriptions?

You will have the ability to prescribe non-narcotic medications, prescriptions as appropriate for the patient and their clinical need.

What patients will I see?

Dentistry.One exists to provide access to oral health expertise to those who need it. Patients will include those dealing with an emergency or pain to patients looking for a second opinion or evaluating a postoperative or cosmetic consultation. You’ll see a wide range of great patients.

Will I have clinical autonomy?

Yes, you’ll have the same clinical autonomy as you would in a standard practice situation, subject only to your commitment to meet applicable standards of care. 

How is liability and malpractice handled?

Dentistry.One will carry a group malpractice policy under which you will be named. This may vary based upon the current policy you have.

Can I do this in addition to working in a practice?

Yes, as long as it doesn’t violate any agreement you may have with the practice you work in. This is one of the many benefits of becoming a Dentistry.One provider. You can select the schedule that works best for you and your other commitments.

How does payment work?

Dentistry.One will process all claims and/or patient payments and pay you directly as outlined in the provider contracts.

Does it cost anything to join?

There is no fee to join the Dentistry.One network. Upon approval, the provider relations will work with you on contracting, credentialing, and training to ensure you get the most out of your relationship as a provider with Dentistry.One.

Do I receive training?

Absolutely. As a Dentistry.One provider you will have access to a foundational training program for virtual dental care plus access to additional training and certifications that will  enhance your ability to provide more specialized care.

Do I need to be credentialed with insurance plans?

Dentistry.One will work with you to ensure you are credentialed through the insurance plans required to best serve the patients. We will initially prioritize enrolling providers who are already credentialed with the most prevalent insurance plans in each state.

How is Dentistry.One different from other networks?

The Dentistry.One platform, with its network of dentists, patient care coordinators and oral health coaches provides the full spectrum of virtual care, ensuring patients follow up on recommendations and receive the information they require for a positive outcome.

Do I need any special software or equipment?

You will simply need a computer with a webcam that allows you to provide the highest quality video(for synchronous consultations) possible.


See more patients. In less time. Anywhere.

A dentist sees a patient on platfrom
Schedule an IntroductionTalk with Dentistry.One about how we can provide an exceptional experience for better oral health.


Schedule an IntroductionTalk with Dentistry.One about how we can provide an exceptional experience for better oral health.