Improving Oral Health with Personalized, On-Demand Virtual Care.

Access to a national network of trusted, experienced Dentists.  Personal Concierge Care for a complete and positive patient journey.  Oral Health Coaching for ongoing health and well-being. 

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A New Virtual Experience that Surrounds the Patient in Care

One-on-one care consultations with exceptional dentists who see patients at a time that’s best for the patient. Personal Concierge Care to help secure in-person dental or medical care, when needed. Support to help patients navigate through their health benefits. And, Oral Health Coaching for ongoing information and education on patient health and well-being.

We deliver:

Extraordinary outcomes

Reduced costs

Enhanced patient experience and care

Increased access to convenient care

Dental Insurance Plans

Value-based care continues to grow and improving health outcomes is top of mind for everyone. Incorporating dental care into this model can often be challenging. integrates oral health into a singular healthcare journey. With strategic, convenient resources and cost-saving solutions, we help you retain and grow membership, meet utilization goals, differentiate your plan offering and value, and improve overall outcomes.


Improving health outcomes for employees helps maintain a strong and productive workforce and reduce health care costs. helps you retain and grow your employee base by differentiating your company with a new and innovative health benefit. Reducing employee stress with a simple and convenient solution for improving oral health and overall well-being can be a key factor in becoming the employer of choice for members of today’s workforce. 

DSOs is an ideal solution for helping DSOs provide quality patient care, deliver an outstanding patient experience, and reduce costs. 83% of today’s patients say they are willing to seek virtual care and 61% expect telehealth options. By offering, you will provide patients with a convenient virtual option for dental care consultations, while optimizing your dental team’s time by reserving chair time for care that requires in-office visits. 

Individuals & Families

Today’s consumers demand convenience, speed, quality, and a great experience. This extends to the patient journey, with expectations for personalized, preventative care that recognizes the growing correlation between good oral health and overall health. empowers patients with a convenient, virtual dental care option, provides connectivity to follow-up dental and medical care, and offers concierge services to promote patient health and well-being. is more than a telehealth platform. It offers Dental Insurance Companies, Employers, Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), Individuals, and Families a complete virtual dental care option for improving oral health and overall well-being. 


Virtual Care that offers oral health consultation at a time that works best for the patient, concierge services that include facilitating follow-up, in-person dental and medical care when needed, care coordination to help patients navigate their available health care benefits, and ongoing information and education for sustained health and well-being

Virtual Care to Improve Oral Health delivers virtual care through an innovative platform that brings together in one place a nationwide network of trusted, experienced dentists; a Patient Care Concierge to help ensure a complete, effective, and positive patient journey; and Oral Health Coaching for interactive communication on health topics that matter most to each patient and promote patient health and well-being.

Oral Health Reports

A detailed report provided to the patient with results from their one-on-one virtual care consultation and the dentist’s recommendations for next steps. 

Concierge Care

Personalized patient services to help coordinate recommended next steps following a virtual care consultation such as finding a local dentist for an in-person visit, or scheduling an appointment with a medical doctor, if indicated.

Benefits Navigation

Support from a skilled professional who can help patients navigate their health benefits and determine available coverage for needed care.

Oral Health Coaching

Ongoing information, education, and consultation on health topics that matter most to each patient and guidance for achieving health and well-being.

The future of oral health is here.

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