Reduce Employee Stress

Retain and attract talent, boost productivity among today’s distributed workforce, and lower healthcare costs with a benefit employees will appreciate and embrace. Reducing employee stress with a simple and convenient solution for improving dental health and overall well-being can be a key factor in becoming an employer of choice.


Virtual-first Oral Healthcare

A trusted first resource for oral healthcare and ongoing support throughout the patient care journey, with an easy path to prioritizing good oral health and advancing overall well-being.

Oral Health Reports

A detailed report provided to the patient following a live or asynchronous video visit with recommendations for next steps.

Personalized Care Coordination

Care Advisors, experts in dental hygiene, to coordinate care and help ensure a complete patient journey, including personal assistance to schedule in-person dental visits..

Benefits Navigation

Patient support for navigating health benefits and better understanding available coverage for needed care.

Oral Health Coaching

Tailored oral health education to improve oral-systemic health outcomes, guidance for improving home care, and recommendations on the latest oral healthcare products and services.


Oral Healthcare Your Employees Need, When They Need It

A nationwide network of trusted, on-demand dentists highly trained to deliver the best dental telehealth experience. Available around-the-clock for live and asynchronous consultations to address emergencies, cosmetic consultations, second opinions, prescriptions, preventive care, and more… 


Personalized Care Coordination and Oral Health Coaching

Dental hygiene experts serve as Care Advisors to provide care coordination such as scheduling of in-person dental visits, benefits navigation to help make dental insurance benefits easy to understand, and oral health coaching for enhanced home care and recommendations for oral health products and services.


A Digital Pathway to Bridge a Patient’s Oral Health with Overall Health.

Exceptional and insightful care, tailored oral health education to improve oral-systemic health outcomes, and resources for the latest dental and oral healthcare product recommendations and service offerings.

Improve Health, Save Time, Lower Costs with Dentistry.One Virtual-First Care.

The next dimension of oral health is here.

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