New Dental Product: Dentistry.One From MouthWatch


MouthWatch recently introduced Dentistry.One.

This comprehensive virtual-first solution features a nationwide network of on-demand dentists available for live and asynchronous video visits, according to a press release. Its dedicated team of Care Providers offer personalized care coordination of in-office dental visits and online oral health coaching.

The solution offers a digital connection between dental and medical care via the company’s proprietary software. It also features benefits navigation to help patients more easily obtain care.

Dentistry.One will bring virtual dental care to patients through insurance plans, employer benefit packages, Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) and health care systems.

Dentistry.One dentists are trained to deliver the best dental telehealth experience possible and will handle emergencies, oral-systemic conditions, prescriptions, second opinions, cosmetic consultations, and overall preventive care. Care Advisors are experts in dental hygiene who will help ensure patients have a complete care experience, including coordination of in-person dental visits, benefits navigation to help patients better understand their insurance coverage, guidance for improving home care, and recommendations for oral health care products and services.

The oral health coaching services will enhance preventive care and address oral health considerations that improve overall health outcomes for patients with specific medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and pregnancy.

Dentistry.One is launching with its first clients in March with the national rollout beginning in April.

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