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See more patients.
In less time. Anywhere.

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Benefits of becoming a Dentistry.One Provider

Dentistry.One allows for nationwide virtual-first, complete oral health care. Informed by years of teledentistry and clinical experience, Dentistry.One brings a complete telehealth solution to people in need of dental care, and beyond just a one-time dental consultation. We believe that a consultation is just the start of connecting a patient to a complete oral health support system and ultimately, better overall health. Make the most of your expertise and conveniently help make it possible for patients to improve their oral health.


A robust Dentistry.One
care team


Control your

your skills

your license

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Committed to patient care

Committed to patient care

A Virtual-First Platform

Custom-built telehealth technology exclusively for Dentistry.One providers offers the best virtual experience for patients and providers.

Provider Excellence

We provide education and support. You can attain additional skills, earn Dentistry.One specialty certificates and see how Dentistry.One supports you as a professional.

Care Coordination

Care Advisors support patients and escort them through their care journey so you can focus on doing good dentistry, knowing your patients are cared for.

What appointments can you conduct virtually?

Second opinions

Offer your expertise

Post-op follow-up

Simple, convenient, virtual

Evaluation and triage

Conduct time sensitive evaluations and triage from anywhere

Ortho and cosmetic assessments

Quickly make expert assessments

Patient compliance and home care

Assist patients in easy online appointments

Prevention and treatment plan review

Review treatment plans in real time

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I am excited for what Dentistry.One offers to dentists and patients. It gives dentists flexibility in their schedule to work from anywhere—while providing outstanding dental care, and connection to treatment, to patients increasingly looking for virtual care options.

Dr. Paul Labbe - CEO, Planet Dental

Years of experience behind a new virtual care network.

MouthWatch has been committed to connecting patients to care through innovation for over ten years. Our teledentistry solutions and quality imaging hardware are found in dental and medical settings around the world to help make dental care approachable and convenient for millions of patients. MouthWatch continues to support the dental community through education, grants, and support of programs across the spectrum of care where innovation can find a path to transform care. Now, with Dentistry.One, MouthWatch aims to further transform care and bring the highest level of support and service to patients and programs that will deliver improved oral health to patients everywhere.


Leading Innovation in technology to support dental care.


Practices Nationwide across dental settings of all kinds.


Leading DSOs utilize our products and software.


Dental Schools implement MouthWatch solutions.


Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private company

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Frequently asked questions

Who We Are

Dentistry One LLC is a pioneering company committed to creating innovative technologies and solutions transforming how Providers and Patients experience dental care. Dentistry One LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MouthWatch LLC.

What We Do

We deliver hardware and software innovations that enhance Provider and patient communication, increase understanding of their oral health, and provide an exceptional patient experience.

How is Dentistry.One different from other teledentistry groups?

The Dentistry.One platform, with its network of dentists, patient Care Coordinators, Care Advisors, and Oral Health Coaches, provides the full spectrum of virtual care, ensuring patients follow up on recommendations and receive the information they require for a positive outcome.

Do I need special software or equipment?

You are required to have a computer or laptop with a working camera and microphone and internet access.

How do I become a Dentistry.One Provider?

There are five phases in becoming a Dentistry.One Provider: Recruitment, Credentialing & Enrollment, Onboarding, Set Your Schedule & Go Live with Patients, and Conducting a Patient Encounter.

Phase 1 - Recruitment 1. You request to become a Dentistry.One Provider at, select “Join Now.” 2. Our Provider Relations team will then complete Primary Source Verification 3. You’ll meet with a member of the Provider Relations team virutally to ask any questions you may have

Phase 2 - Credentialing & Enrollment 1. You’ll add Dentistry.One as a practice location to your ADA/CAQH profile. 2. The Provider Relations team will let you know what paperwork they need from you.

Phase 3 - Onboarding You’ll complete online training and compliance courses, verify your identity for eprescribing, set up your account to get paid, go through credentialing with our Provider Relations team, and get added to our malpractice policy.

Phase 4 - Set Your Schedule And Go Live With Patients The final step before you can be assigned cases in Dentistry.One, is to complete your Dentistry.One profile and set your availability.

Phase 5 – Conducting a Patient Encounter You’ll begin receiving case assignments

What is credentialing and what credentials will Dentistry.One be verifying?

Dentistry.One must confirm the professional qualifications of the dentists and specialists who treat our patients. Credentialing is the process of verifying Providers are properly trained, qualified, and accessible to participate within the network.

Dentistry.One will be verifying the below:

1. Licensure - professional, controlled substance, and DEA, if applicable, in all states that the Provider is or has been licensed
2. Education
3. Peer references
4. Background check
5. National Practitioner Data Base (NPBD)

What insurances will I be enrolled with?

Dentistry.One and all participating Providers will be enrolled with Medicaid, Medicaid Managed Care Plans, and all commercial insurances available in each state. We will only be enrolling with the PPO plans available with each insurance.

What service offerings are available through Dentistry.One?

Currently, patients can receive:
• Synchronous video consultations
• Asynchronous Oral Health Reports
• Asynchronous second opinions (synchronous video may be required in some states)

What patients will I see?

Dentistry.One exists to provide access to oral health expertise to those who need it. Patients will include those dealing with an emergency or pain, looking for a second opinion, evaluating a postoperative or cosmetic consultation, and others to see a wide range of patients.

How long do the consults take?

The amount of time will vary depending on the reason for the patient's visit, but on average, consults take less than 8 minutes.

How long will it take to start seeing patients once I sign the Provider Agreement?

This is multifaceted. First, as a provider, you must complete all 5 phases of Becoming a Dentistry.One Provider. Then, it depends on state regulations where you hold a license, direct-to-consumer engagement, and contract Dentistry.One has within in the state. Timeline varies per provider, so for a better understanding contact the Provider Relations team for an update on the status of your onboarding and state regulations.

How is Dentistry.One ensuring quality patient care is being provided?

The Credentialing and Quality Committee (CQC) governs Dentistry.One credentialing, including peer review, quality assurance, and quality improvement programs emphasizing the quality of health care delivered by Providers according to Provider Agreements with Dentistry.One. The CQC membership includes licensed dentists who are owners of Professional Corporations (PCs) and Dentistry.One staff, including the Chief Dental Officer (a licensed dentist). The CQC Committee meets every six months (or as needed). It acts as the advisory and decision-making body for credentialing, quality, and performance improvement activities under the direct authority of the Chief Dental Officer.

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